Production in Media and Journalism


CALL FOR PAPERS Media Research / Medijska istraživanja Theme Issue (2017, Vol. 23, No. 2):

Media Research / Medijska istraživanja

Theme Issue (2017, Vol. 23, No. 2):
Production in Media and Journalism

Nada Zgrabljić Rotar (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Guest Editors:
Igor Vobič & Jernej Amon Prodnik (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Scope of the Thematic Issue:
Open-access journal Media Research / Medijska istraživanja invites contributions for its themed issue entitled Production in Media and Journalism (2017, vol. 23, n. 2). The issue will be published in the second part of 2017 and will focus on different facets of the production process in media industries, particularly journalism production chain, and concurring relations of production in this sphere – from more general issues, such as structural embeddedness of production in capitalism and its implications for social communication and/or legitimation of the existing social relations, to more specific questions, for example paradoxes of labour division in newsrooms and normalization of precarity in journalistic community, occupational ideology, and issues connected to automatisation. Even though production is not a completely ignored topic in media and communication studies, it often remains under-represented and under-researched in comparison to other moments in the accumulation process of media industries.

We invite contributions based in critical approaches, chiefly in political economy of communication, but not limited to it. As the sphere of production encompasses a variety of relations and issues, our aim is a thematically rich issue, which will put a deliberate emphasis on theoretically and historically strong contributions that are not shy of asking general questions regarding media and journalism in capitalist society.

The journal invite contributions assessing one or more of the following topics:
* Specifics of media and journalism production within general relations of production
* The role of media and journalism production in reproduction of capitalist social relations
* (Ir)relevance of the base and superstructure model for the research of media in capitalism
* Changing forces of production in media and technological changes affecting production process
* Information sources and reproduction of power through journalism production (e.g. international press agencies, unnamed sources, routine sources)
* Convergence between production and consumption in media and journalism
* Production of audiences, audiences’ production
* Changes in physical production of media and communication technologies
* Labour(ers) in media industries’ production chains
* Dilemmas of automatisation and algorithms in media and journalistic production
* Precarious labour in journalism and occupational ideology

Submission of abstracts of 300-400 words and author’s details: 15th of November 2016
Notification of abstract acceptance: 15th of December 2016
Full manuscript of 6000-7000 words submission: 1st of May 2017
Results of double blind peer reviews: 1st of July 2017
Revised and proofread papers submission: 15th of September 2017
Final notification of acceptance: 15th of October 2017

All submissions should be sent to Igor Vobič ( and Jernej Amon Prodnik (

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